Serving as Chief Strategist for online reputation management firm Reputation Advocate, Inc., Aaron James Kocourek brings a depth of experience to the company. While Google and other search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, Aaron James Kocourek stays one step ahead by vigilant assessing these changes on a daily basis. At Reputation Advocate, Aaron James Kocourek devises new approaches to ensure clients’ positive content stays on first-page search results while at the same time suppressing unwanted or negative information.

Aaron-Kocourek-headshotA lengthy resume’ in ecommerce and marketing made Aaron James Kocourek an ideal fit for Reputation Advocate. When he was still in his early teens, Aaron James Kocourek put together his first business venture, a dotcom that became a multi-million dollar firm inside of five years. Following the sale of that company, Aaron James Kocourek served as a consultant for several companies. When search engine optimization was still in its youth, Aaron James Kocourek set up campaigns utilizing over 100,000 keywords.

Aaron James Kocourek went on to serve as Director of Internet Marketing at The MachroTech Group. There, Aaron James Kocourek was tasked with email marketing and web analytics strategies; in time, he took on management duties with MachroTech’s sister companies as well. As part of his duties, Aaron James Kocourek did a complete overhaul of the search engine marketing services for clients.

Prior to his time at MachroTech, Aaron James Kocourek was founder and CEO at Dashen Corporation, which developed into a national Internet company specializing in cleaning products. At Dashen, Aaron James Kocourek was responsible for a growth curve of 25-45% per year, thanks to intelligent, focused use of analytics and marketing and customer retention. The affiliate program  designed by Aaron James Kocourek brought in 22% more revenue, with the same profit margins and ROI on marketing dollars. In a business that usually brings in about a 4% conversion rate, the keyword inventory purchase set up by Aaron James Kocourek resulted in a conversion rate of 85.7%.

Aaron James Kocourek has assembled a diverse skill set through his career in search engine marketing and corporate strategies, leveraging those into his duties at Reputation Advocate. The company is pleased to have Aaron James Kocourek serve as part of their team.