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Chief Strategist at Reputation Advocate Shares the Importance of Online Reviews for Today’s Dentists has ample praise for dentists who serve a diverse range of patients.  But even for those professionals committed to offering state of the art techniques, the team says it is challenging to stay abreast of the latest developments in online review sites.

In a recent 1-800-Dentist study cited by respondents were asked about their attitudes and views towards dentistry and dentists. The study was called “What Dental Patients Want.” In addition to an interest in reading online ratings and reviews, patients appear to be concerned about convenience and cost. reports that 22 percent of practices bring on new patients within 2 days of the first contact.

The team at confirms that online review sites have grown into some of the most popular destinations on the Internet. With the expansion of user-generated review sites, there have been a number of legal battles associated with dentist-patient relationships. In the experience of, the perfect way to counteract negative reviews is to encourage positive reviews from satisfied patients.

Rather than completely avoiding the tumultuous environment of the Internet, encourages dental professionals to embrace its power. In doing so, dentists take control of their online reputations and provide more accurate information about the quality and availability of services. The sheer number of online review sites require dentists to remain aware of what’s happening to their reputation online. As the team at has found, the best way to accomplish this task is to clearly understand about how these sites affect a dentist’s status as a top health care service provider.

As has been seen on numerous occasions by the team, storytelling on social media profiles is extremely important. has always offered the advice that dentists are in a better position to attract new patients by first establishing credibility through storytelling and social engagement. The team at understands this process requires a diligent effort over a long period of time. A dentist must dedicate internal resources to the process or seek outside help from an online reputation management firm. A company like can provide comprehensive reputation management and social media marketing services for your practice. firmly believes that keeping a local approach to social media efforts will ensure that the content remains relevant to all members of your audience. You will make stronger connections within the community and improve your relationship with existing patients. If you have promotions, discounts or specials at a certain location, recommends using social media accounts to get the word out. Information about new services or upcoming events can be treated in much the same manner.

In the world of dentistry, negative online reviews may have implications for job security or compensations. reports that numerous health care providers have cleaned up their online images by hiring online reputation management companies. finds that patients are more attracted to your practice when you engage with them. If you respond directly, believes there is potential to change their opinion.

The best dentistry is not necessarily the most inexpensive, and the team at has seen first hand how that fact may cause some patients to be upset about the process. understands that more people are becoming influenced by what fellow patients are saying about dental practices online. The greatest difficulty for most people is determining the quality of work for a specific dentist.

As well, in today’s digital age, has found that another leading concern of consumers is whether or not the dentist is trustworthy. Reviews from other patients give visibility and credibility in the online marketplace. offers assistance with the process of examining Yelp, Google and other major sites to see if any new commentary has been posted about your dental practice.

The challenge with any online reputation management project is creating the best possible strategy. brings clarity and insight into this complex project. Contact today for more information at 888-229-0746.

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